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Realms of Fantasy Employs "Wet Work: A Tale of the Unseen"

Today I learned that I sold my story "Wet Work:  A Tale of the Unseen" to Realms of Fantasy.

Me. In Realms. Dude.

Pardon me while I bounce around the room.

<bounce bounce bounce>

This sale is particularly sweet for a couple of reasons:

1. It's Realms, man. I've been trying to crack this market for years.

2. Regular readers of my progress reports may recall that I liked this story so much I later expanded it into a novel. So if the story can sell . . . let's just call it proof of concept.

<bounce bounce bounce>

So, to sum up:  Story sold.  Rotundo happy.

That is all.

<bounce bounce bounce>


w00t! Well-done! I'm really glad Realms has risen from the dead once more to publish awesome people.
I am so happy for you !!!!!
Hooray! Congrats, this is fabulous news, and what a great sale!
Excellent news, congrats man!
Hot damn! Congrats!!!
Congratulations, Matthew! That's freaking AWESOME!

Well done!
Wow, great sale. Congratulations!
Yahoo! Or, to put it in less co-optedly commercial terms: YIPPEEEEE!!!

Way to go, dood! You got 'em!
Oh, how wonderful! You rock, Dude!

Congratulations! Just don't get so big for your britches that you don't continue partying with us little people.
Congrats, Matt!
Fantastic news, Matt! Congratulations!
How cool is that?! Awesome! Congratulations! So what's it about? I look forward to seeing it in a future RoF.
Congratulations, Matt!!
Yay! Congratulations! :)
Congratulations! And now that you've got your foot in the door, naturally you'll be able to get other stories published there with a snap of your fingers! ;)



Nope, not working. Maybe I'm not snapping hard enough . . .

And thanks!
Wow! Congrats, man.