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Oct. 29th, 2015


Coming Soon: Petra

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you have undoubtedly heard me mention my novel Petra.  You might have been following along when I banged out the first draft.  Or maybe you came in while I was working on the sequel, Petra Released.  Or more recently, perhaps, you’ve seen my updates on the (excruciatingly slow) progress of Petra Rising.  And somewhere along the way, you might have asked, “Golly gee, Matt, is there any chance that any of us will ever get to, you know, actually read Petra?”*

I’m happy to report that the answer is yes.  And soon.

That’s right, folks:  I’m publishing Petra.

Yes, I’m jumping into the self-publishing pool.  This was far from an easy decision to make, and it’s definitely a risk.  I don’t mind telling you that I’m a bit scared.

But I’m also excited.

And scared.  Did I say that already?

Anyway, you might have questions.  I’ll take a stab at some answers:

So what is this Petra, anyway?

It’s the story of a far-future prison world.  Petra is the final repository for the worst of the worst—no appeals, no parole, no escape.  But it also hides many secrets, which could shatter society if they ever got out.  And somewhere in the dark heart of Petra, the jailbreak of the millennium is on . . .

Sounds exciting!  When will it be out?

I’m targeting next month for the ebook release, probably just before Thanksgiving.  I hope to have more firm dates soon.

Will there be a print edition?

Yes, I plan to make a print edition available at some point.  I’ll let you know when I know more.

What possessed you to venture into the world of independent publishing?

That’s a long story, probably a separate blog post.  For now, suffice to say that now seems like the right time to try it.

What comes after Petra?

Then comes Petra Released, early in 2016, I hope.  And sometime after that, Petra Rising.  I mean, once I finish it, and all. Watch this space for updates.

So it’s a trilogy, then?  Will there be other Petra stories?

These three novels will complete a story arc, but there is definitely room for further adventures, assuming anyone is interested.

Have you always been this cool, Matt, or is it a more recent development?

Aw, gee.  You flatter me.

If you have any other questions, drop me a line in the comments.  Good wishes are also welcome.

Here we go . . .


*Probably you’ve never actually asked that, but work with me here, wouldya?


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Oct. 21st, 2015


The Rotundo World Tour Rolls into MileHiCon!

It’s time for the last stop on the 2015 Rotundo World Tour:  MileHiCon!  Here’s my schedule:

Friday, October 23rd

4:30 pm, Video Room—Dune Discussion.  Right after the screening of Dune, join me and Vivian Caethe for a discussion of the film.  Sparks will fly during this one, I think.  You won’t want to miss it.

Saturday, October 24th

7:00 pm, Avistrum (12th floor)—Award Winners Discussion & Readings.  Looks like there will be five us reading, so we won’t have a whole lot of time, but remember:  I always bring treats to my readings.  Come for a treat, stay for a tale, that’s my motto.  Or would be, if I had a motto.

Sunday, October 25th

1:00 pm, Wind River A—Strange Stars: How SF&F Transformed Popular Music.  SF and fantasy literature has had a vast influence on TV and movies—and also on popular music, from David Bowie to Parliament Funkadelic to Iron Maiden to Radiohead to Janelle Monae. We’ll discuss how various artists have drawn from SF/F and share some of our favorites.

4:00 pm, Wind River B—Alternative Endings.  Even the best story could do with a little tweaking. We’ll discuss popular movies and books and dream up what-if endings with more spice and pizzazz.

You’ll also find me at the bar, and generally gadding about, as I am wont to do.  It’s MileHiCon, after all.

Hope to see you there!

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Sep. 28th, 2015


Progress Report, in which I refrain from getting too crazy

Petra Rising has more words!  See?

And some of them might even be good.

I mean, no promises, or anything like that.  Let’s not get too crazy.  But I keep moving forward, which sure as hell beats the alternative.

Your snippet:

Loren came back to the table, peering at Emma as if she were some strange insect specimen.  “Emma, if I’m understanding you correctly, you’re proposing total surrender.  Why would you do that?”

“No.  Conditional surrender.  I have to figure that the Compact would much rather take this place without a fight.  That gives us some room to negotiate.”  Emma paused.  “It’s not the greatest bargaining position, but it’s the best we’re likely to get.  It’s certainly better than condemning everyone in this settlement to death in a war we can no longer win.”

No updates for Write Club.

Onward.  That-a-way.

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Sep. 15th, 2015


Progress Report, in which I keep good company

Still inching along with Petra Released.  Magic Meter says so:

I could whine about this, but really, minuscule progress is certainly better than none at all.  And if it turns out that I finish this thing right around the time George R.R. Martin turns in the last installment of the Song of Ice and Fire saga . . . hey, at least I’ll be in good company.  So that’s something.

Your snippet:

Emma braced herself inwardly, said, “I have an alternate suggestion.”

The council turned to her as one.

Though seated, she felt momentary vertigo, as if a giant fissure had opened at her feet.  She pushed forward with what she had been rehearsing for the past two hours:  “Without the platforms, we might want to consider whether an armed conflict is . . . strategically worthwhile.”

Eyebrows raised around the room.  Cromberg gaped.  “What in the hell are you talking about?”

Write Club update:  A tier one bounced from Flash Fiction Online.  Response time, 14 days.


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Aug. 31st, 2015


Progress Report, in which I compare my novel to a plant, and praise the writing gods for their wisdom

One trip to WorldCon and a few baby steps later, Magic Meter has this to say about Petra Rising:

Which isn’t at all impressive.

The good news is that chapter 3 is done.  Also, right at the end of last night’s writing session, I discovered that a certain random bit of information from Petra Released is going to be a factor in this novel.  I had no idea when I wrote it, several years ago, that it was going to resolve a certain plot point in a future volume.  Just one of those random gifts from the writing gods, I guess.  I’m not sure I deserve gifts from the writing gods at this juncture, but who am I to question their wisdom?

Anyway, it’s encouraging.  This story has a lot of life in it yet, despite my neglect of it.  In that, the novel is a bit like the philodendron by my desk at my day job.  It just won’t die.  I swear, I could spray that plant with Roundup and it would still grow.  So let it be with Petra Rising.

Your snippet:

Purgatory’s admin building—a kind of town hall, she supposed—nestled near the bunker, built on the remains of command center that dated back to the settlement’s earliest days, when it had been an experimental prison camp.  It was a simple, one-story structure of wood and repurposed concrete and steel.  The paint on the walls, made from native plant pigments, was wearing thin, revealing the patchwork of building materials beneath.  A few gouges showed where shrapnel from the explosion had hit, but at least the fire hadn’t reached this far—a small comfort.

It could have been worse, Emma kept telling herself, though she had a hard time believing it.

WorldCon was a great time, by the way.  Potentially very interesting developments on the professional front, but it’s too early to go into that yet.

Write Club updates:

Tier one bounces from Betwixt and IGMS.  Response times,  24 and 55 days, respectively.

And a tier two bounce from Nameless. Response time, 407 days (!).

All praise the writing gods.  Onward.

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Aug. 17th, 2015


Next Stop on the 2015 Rotundo World Tour: Sasquan

The 2015 Rotundo World Tour rolls into Spokane, Washington, this week for Sasquan, the 2015 WorldCon!

I’ll be signing at the SFWA table in the Dealer’s Room on Wednesday from 4:00-6:00.  Do stop by and say howdy.  Would love to see you!

I go once more to be among my people.  I love WorldCon.

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Aug. 11th, 2015


Progress Report, in which steps are taken

The horse and I took a few baby steps last week.  And so Petra Rising proceeds.  Really, really slowly, but it proceeds. Here’s Magic Meter:

Baby steps, man.  Baby steps.

On the plus side, I broke 10K words.  So that’s something.

Your snippet:

Allons said, “Do you know what today is?”

Ferson tensed, as if Allons had just sprung a pop quiz on him.  In the desolation of Farside, it was easy to lose track of days.  He considered a lighthearted response, decided against it.  Humor would probably not play well at the moment.  He figured simple honesty would be his best option.  “No.  Some special occasion?”

Allons snorted.  “Yeah, you could say that.”  He reached for one of the bottles, but only stroked the side of it.  “Real special occasion, Boll.  It’s ten years to the day that we attacked Mainland.”

“Oh.  Jesus.”  Ferson dropped his gaze.  At least he understood Allons’s dark mood now.  It wasn’t the kind of anniversary anyone in New Cassea was likely to celebrate.  “Ten years.”

“Yeah.  I keep track of this shit.  Someone has to.”

No updates for Write Club.

Giddy-up.  Or something like that.

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Aug. 3rd, 2015


Progress Report, in which I eye a horse, warily

In a previous post, I discussed how difficult it’s been to regain normalcy and productivity.  And it occurs to me that regular progress reports were once part of that normalcy.  Maybe the new normal doesn’t have room for them anymore . . . but maybe it does.  Who knows?  The only thing to do, I guess, is try, and see if they still fit.

I won’t say I’m climbing back on the horse.  Let’s say I’m eyeing it warily.

Since we’re here, I’ll trot out Magic Meter to bring everyone up to speed on Petra Rising:

Well, OK.  That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Since I’m feeling so adventurous, I’ll even post a snippet:

The desert at sunset.

Ferson Boll normally welcomed the end of another day on Farside.  Dusk and dawn were the most temperate times.  One could find just enough solace in the cool of the coming night to make toiling in the fields—with all the attendant dust, sweat, and hard work—worth the trouble.  And the stark hardpan extending to the horizon, backlit by the glow of the setting sun, had its own kind of beauty.

Nightfall was usually Ferson’s favorite part of the day.  But as he wound through the New Cassea settlement, on his way for his weekly bout of drinking with Major Jon Allons, he finally admitted to himself that he didn’t care for these particular nights.  In fact, he had come to dread them.

The horse stands just over there, pawing the ground, eyeing me as warily as I’m eyeing it.  I take a step toward it.

Write Club update:

Oh, far too many to recount here.  Suffice to say there have been a lot of them.

Where’s my saddle blanket?

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Jul. 31st, 2015


Next Stop on the 2015 Rotundo World Tour: OSFest 8

The next stop on the 2015 Rotundo World Tour is right here in Omaha, for the Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival, aka OSFest.

As previously announced, this year’s Author Guest of Honor is . . . well, me.  This is my first GoH gig.  I’d say I’m excited, but that doesn’t seem to do justice to what I’m feeling.  I am truly honored by this, and hope I can make it worth everyone’s while.

Here’s my schedule, and it’s a busy one:

Friday, July 31st

5:00 pm–Pantsers vs. Planners:  A panel of writers discuss two different approaches to writing, the advantages and disadvantages, varied approaches, etc.  Nebraska A

6:00 pm–Star Wars Match Game:   It’s the classic game show with a Star Wars twist! Join guests of honor and staff with our host Genetic ʺGeneʺ RayBurn as contestants try to win prizes by filling in the ________.  I have a ______ feeling about this!  Main Stage

Saturday, August 1st

9:00 am–Coming up with A Killer Plot:  Have you ever wanted to write a great story with a killer plot? Come join a panel of authors and learn how they compose a plot. We’ll discuss the Hero’s Journey and other tropes, and teach you the necessary parts for a great story!  Colorado C/D

10:00 am–Writing Interesting Characters:  When crafting a story, good authors carefully craft memorable characters. What makes them special? Why are they the way they are? Come listen to professional authors discuss how they come up with fantastic characters to carry a great story along.  Colorado C/D

11:00 am–Going Down the Research Rabbit Hole:  Researching for a story or novel can be a Wonderland rabbit hole with no bottom. New writers often ask, “How much research is enough? When should I stop? Should I stop at all?” And then they scream and fall into the abyss of insanity. This panel of experienced authors will answer those questions before you throw yourself off the cliff into insanity.  Colorado C/D

2:00 pm–Who Will Win the Iron Throne:  So, Song of Ice and Fire fans, you’ve read all the books, watched every episode, read all the fan theories. Now it’s your turn: How do you think it will all shake out? Who will live? Who will die? Who is Jon Snow’s mother? And when winter finally comes, who will wind up sitting the Iron Throne?  (Needless to say, but we’ll say it anyway:  SPOILERS WILL ABOUND, for both the show and books.)  Nebraska B

4:00 pm–Sticking the Landing: Ending Your Story:  Endings are the most powerful moment in books and stories. Why do some endings leave a lasting impact and others just fizzle? How do endings in a series differ from stand-alone stories? This panel will discuss why some endings work or don’t, and how to maximize their impact.  Colorado C/D

5:00 pm–Matthew Rotundo Reading:  Hey, wait.  That’s me!  Remember my motto, folks:  Come for a treat, stay for a tale.  There will be treats.  I always have treats.  Colorado A

10:00 pm–Legends Lost: Leonard Nimoy and Christopher Lee:  A look at the live of Leonard Nimoy and Christopher Lee among others we lost this past year.  Main Stage

Sunday, August 2nd

11:00 am–It Ain’t the Writing, It’s the Rewriting: The Power of Revision:  Rewriting and revising are arguably the most important part of the writing process. These experienced authors talk about revision techniques to make your story shine, without polishing the shine right back off again. How do you find your invisible weaknesses? How do you work around those weaknesses?  Nebraska A

And of course, in between times, I’ll be generally gadding about, as I am wont to do.

If you’re local—or if you’re not local but feeling like a road trip—do stop by.  It should be a blast.

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Jul. 13th, 2015


Signs of Life

You might have noticed that the blog’s been dark for a while.  (Or, more likely, you didn’t.)  But for the three of you out there who read this thing, suffice to say that the Vastly Overrated Real World has been kicking my ass of late, and I hit what can only be called the Nadir of Suck with the death of my father, back in May.

Yeah, in case you hadn’t heard:  my father died last May.  I might write of it sometime, but not at the moment.  For now, I’m too busy trying to crawl back to some semblance of normalcy and productivity.  And let me tell you, my friends, it’s been a lot harder than I dreamed it could be.

I’ve debated whether I even want to continue with the blogging, whether it serves any real purpose.  Then again, one could argue that writing fiction serves no real purpose, either, and I still keep doing that (albeit at a pace lately that one could charitably call glacial, if doing so weren’t an insult to glaciers).  Still, I thought some sort of update was in order, so here it is.

I won’t promise that I will be resuming regular blogging anytime soon.  We’ll just take it slow, and see what develops.

Hope you all are well.

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May. 11th, 2015


Progress Report, in which things just keep happening

Oops.  Kinda missed last week’s update.  I kept meaning to do it, and then something else came up, and then something else, and then . . .

Then it was Monday again.

Well.  These things happen.  A lot, lately.

Anyway, you know what else happened?  ConStellation 6, in sunny Lincoln, Nebraska.  Except that it wasn’t so sunny, most of the time.  We managed to enjoy ourselves, anyway.  I had fun doing a Star Wars panel, in which there was lively discussion about the new films.  There was a room party in which I helped dispense some blue concoction I nicknamed Romulan Ale, although said moniker somehow failed to catch on with attendees.  I even sold and signed a copy of Alembical 3, the profits from which I spent the next day in the dealer’s room.

Good times, good times.  But boy, I would sure love for the Vastly Overrated Real World to settle down enough for me to get some writing in.  Maybe someday . . .

Write Club update:

Tier one bounces from Giganotosaurus and F & SF.  Response times, 32 and 12 days, respectively.


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May. 7th, 2015


First Stop on the 2015 Rotundo World Tour: ConStellation

The 2015 Rotundo World Tour kicks off this weekend with ConStellation, just down the road from me, in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Here’s my schedule:

Saturday, 5/9/15

12:00–Vega Room–Star Wars:  The Fans Awaken.  You’re J. J. Abrams. Disney has handed you the reins of the Star Wars franchise. You have many of the original cast members back. You have a script by Lawrence Kasdan. You have an unlimited budget. What do you do with it all? Where do you take the series from here?  A discussion of our hopes and fears for the future of the franchise. Can it regain its past glory? Or should it even try?

3:00–Reading Room–Matthew S. Rotund0 Reading.  Remember my motto:  Come for a treat, stay for a tale!  (Hint:  That means there will be treats.)

Hope to see you there!

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Apr. 27th, 2015


Progress Report, in which there are pluses and minuses

Minuscule verbiage, but hey, it counts.  Magic Meter says so:

In the plus column, I’m into that second chapter I was so apprehensive about, and it’s going better than expected.  Sometimes, you just gotta, you know, do the work.

In the minus column, my schedule of late has been unforgiving, and that has to change.  Rearrangement of priorities is in order.

Meanwhile, your snippet:

In a moment’s lull between shellbursts, a stray report sounded, much fainter than the others.  Kane would have dismissed it, except that it had come from the wrong direction, from somewhere behind him.  He turned in his chair, just in time to hear shouts of alarm.

He had to crane his neck to see past the crowd.  Several others, mostly toward the rear, were looking in the same direction as him and pointing.  They had heard it, too.

Kane stood, frowning.  Whatever it had been, it had been a bit further away than the fireworks display.  He peered into the surrounding darkness, unsure what he was looking for.

He saw it a moment later.  A gout of flame appeared in the night, highlighting black, billowing smoke.

Write Club updates:

Fifty days to a personalized bounce from Beneath Ceaseless Skies.  And as previously announced, 3 days to a sale (yay!) to Eldritch Embraces.  More pluses and minuses, I guess.


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Apr. 25th, 2015


Eldritch Embraces gobbles “Take This, and Eat”

A couple of days ago, I mentioned I’d found an anthology whose theme was a perfect fit for a story of mine.  Seems the editor of said anthology–titled Eldritch Embraces–agrees.   Three days from submission to sale.

Eldritch Embraces will be published Dragon’s Roost Press.  The anthology aims to “put the love back in Lovecraft.”   Yes, folks, it’s all about love, romance, and Elder Gods.  And if that isn’t cool enough, it’s a charity anthology, to raise money for a canine rescue operation.

My story is called “Take This, and Eat.”  Here’s a (*cough*) taste:

A kind of chicken teriyaki dish, Leah had said.  And it certainly looked promising at first—generous portions of noodles and meat, without too many vegetables for Darren to pick around.  It smelled spicy, sparking a bit of an appetite in him.  Using the tongs the waiter had brought, he optimistically helped himself to a heaping plateful.

Then he caught a glimpse of the tentacle in his food, and his appetite vanished.

At first he thought he might be mistaken, but a second glance confirmed it—long, black, rubbery, with small suckers running down its length.

Eldritch Embraces should be out sometime next year.

Been a long dry spell.   Happy to break it.

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Apr. 20th, 2015


Progress Report, in which there isn’t a total loss

As expected, Real World stuff ate most of my productivity last week, and whatever was left, I destroyed on my own.  Like I do.

But!  I did some database updates and put some manuscripts into circulation—including one piece that I shipped to an anthology whose theme is pretty much a perfect fit.  It doesn’t pay well (which, for genre fiction, is saying a lot), but the story seemed so right for this market that I just couldn’t pass it up.

So the week wasn’t a total loss.  I know you’re relieved.

No updates for Write Club.

And now, back to productivity.  I hope.

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Apr. 16th, 2015


Progress Report, in which heels are dragged

Slow progress on Petra Rising, but such as there was, I share it with you:

This is the result of some poor time management on my part, combined with rude interruptions from the Real World.  Also, if I’m being honest with myself, I’m a little afraid of the next few chapters.  I’ll be introducing a new viewpoint character that I don’t know very well, and then I’ll have some tricky timeline issues to deal with.  So I may be dragging my heels.  A bit.

But hey, words is words, and here are a few for you:

Of course, he had hardly been the only one separated from all he had ever known and loved that night.  But if it bothered any of the others present, they hardly showed it—likely because many of them were not celebrating the Liberation at all, but something else entirely.  And none of them gave any hint that they bore the slightest concern about the trouble that was inevitably coming their way.

But he had promised Loren he wouldn’t say anything.  Not on this night.  Not until the skies above were filled with enemy bombers intent on total eradication of the place formerly known as Petra, now called Haven.  Maybe then they’d be inclined to listen.

Write Club update:  Tier one rejection from Daily Science Fiction.  Response time, 24 days.

The Real World will be impacting word count next week, too, I’m afraid.  But we’ll see what we can muster up.


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Apr. 6th, 2015


Progress Report, in which I teach you a lesson

I warned you, but you didn’t listen.  I said I would start drafting Petra Rising.  Soon.  And you didn’t believe me, did you?  Well, now look what’s happened:

Maybe next time you’ll heed me.  Let’s hope you’ve learned your lesson.

Target word count is, of course, just an estimate at this point.  And I don’t mind telling you, folks, that I was really nervous about starting this thing.  But after months and months of note making, foot dragging, and second guessing, nothing else remained except to write the damned novel.  So that’s what I’m doing.

No updates for Write Club.

And we’re off . . .

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Mar. 30th, 2015


Progress Report, in which I name names

You know I mean business about starting to draft a new novel when I get to naming my characters.

Seriously.  Names are usually one of the last things I do.  I’m not sure why, really.  That’s just my process.  And not to say that I consider it an insignificant task, either.  I often agonize over character names, and I usually learn something about them as they are christened.

As Petra Rising is the third volume in the series, I don’t have as many personages upon which to bestow monikers, but I do have a few new folks—mostly minor but nonetheless important players.  So the great Naming proceeds, to be swiftly followed by—gasp and swoon!—actual fresh verbiage.

I have to admit, folks, I’m nervous.  In addition to the usual first draft jitters, there’s the fact that I haven’t played in the Petra universe for several years.  And this will be the concluding novel of this story arc, which is a new thing for me.  Can I stick the landing?

Time will tell.  Soon.  Magic Meter is coming.

Write Club update:  Personalized note from Shimmer.  Not a good fit, basically.  Response time, six days.

Deep breath . . .

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Mar. 23rd, 2015


Progress Report, in which I channel Victor Frankenstein

The subplot issue that I was working on last week?  I think I have it resolved.  Kind of.  Enough for me to believe it’s not so insurmountable, anyway.

It’s been that way thus far with Petra Rising.  The obstacles I’ve discovered while making my notes, some of them quite daunting at first, have all just sort of worked themselves out.  I’m telling you, friends, there’s life in this story.  (Cue Victor Frankenstein voice:  “It’s alive!  Alive!”)

(Ahem.  Sorry about that.)

So it appears that I have the first act fairly well in hand, and I have a pretty good idea about the ending.  The second act is a tad murky.  But what the hell; I’ve started with less than this before.  One more week, and then drafting begins.

(It’s alive!  Alive!)


Write Club updates:

Tier one bounces from The Dark and Clarkesworld. Response time, less than 12 hours each.  Speedy!

And a form reject from an agent on a novel query.


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Mar. 16th, 2015


Progress Report, in which the joke may be on your faithful correspondent

So I figured while I was paused on my notes for Petra Rising, I might as well take the opportunity to update my database and get some manuscripts back into circulation.  Which is what I did.

Now I’m back to my notes, trying to work out a subplot issue.  But I think I’m ready for a bold prediction:  the new novel will roll on April 1st.

That’s right–April Fool’s Day.  There’s actually some precedent for this:  I had started the first draft of Petra Released on an April 1st, too.  So if it’s worked before, I figure it will work again.  Time will tell if the joke is on me.

A few more weeks, then, and we’ll see the long-awaited return of Magic Meter.  I’m sure the anticipation is killing you.

Write Club updates:

A tier one bounce from Fantastic.  Response time, two days.

And a bounce from an agent on a novel query.  Response time, one day.

So it goes.


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