Matthew S. Rotundo (matthewsrotundo) wrote,
Matthew S. Rotundo

And there was much rejoicing

Your regularly scheduled progress report will be delayed so that we may bring you the following special announcement:

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was a finalist in the Writers of the Future contest, for first quarter 2008.  Yesterday I got a phone call informing me that I had taken first place.

Disbelief and joy ensued.  I spent the afternoon bouncing off the walls.  I still can't really think straight.

I'm paranoid that any minute now, I'm going to get another phone call, informing me that there had been a mix-up, and that I actually was never in the running at all.  But until then, I'm celebrating.

And I'm not answering the phone.

<does happy dance>

Tags: publications and sales, writing
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