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News of an Exceedingly Awesome and Geeky Nature: The People vs. George Lucas

OK, I've been hinting around at this, and it's probably been built up way too much, but I think it's well beyond awesome, so there.

Whatever.  I've been given the go-ahead, so now it can be told:

I'm going to be in a movie.

Yes, an actual, feature-length, for realz, by-God movie. It's called The People vs. George Lucas, a documentary directed by Alexandre O. Phillipe.

Now, judging by the title, you might assume that the movie is just a bunch of people getting their hate on for Mr. Lucas, but it's actually not. According to the website, it's a "cultural examination of the conflicted dynamic between George Lucas and his fans over the past three decades."  You know, some people love him, some hate him, some used to love him but now consider him the Antichrist.

Here's a trailer:

Alexandre interviewed me for the documentary last year, at WorldCon in Montreal. A brief explanation of how that interview came about may be found here.

Truth be told, I didn't expect much to come of it. After all, I'm just an unknown writer. I figured my entire interview would likely wind up on the cutting room floor. I mean, if it's a choice between a minute of me or a minute of Neil Gaiman--hell, that's a no-brainer. I'd cut me, too. (And yes, Neil Gaiman will be in it.)

Then, two weeks ago, I got an email informing me that I am, in fact, featured in the film. I will be credited as "Matthew S. Rotundo, Science Fiction Author."

Dude. I can't begin to tell you how awesome that is. It maxes out the Geek-O-Meter.

I have no idea how much screen time I have, or which parts of the interview Alexandre used. I can only hope he left out the bits that made me look stupid . . . but hey, you signs the release form, you takes your chances.

So where do I stand on George?  Guess you'll just have to see the movie to find out.

The People vs. George Lucas will premiere at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, March 12-20. If you're going to be in the Austin area around then, check it out. I'll pass along other dates and venues as I get them. With any luck, it might even find its way to my neck of the woods.

If you do happen to see it before I do, please let me know if I look stupid.

On second thought, please don't.

Anyway, I'm going to be in a movie.



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Congratulations! And you're right, it looks more interesting than the title suggests.
You so owe me.

Buy you a drink at the next con?
I have already found in favor of the People. Congrats!
Doug Cohen: Witness for the prosecution.

Cool! I caught a glimpse of you being interviewed at Worldcon. I saw greatness in action! ;-)
Oh, I don't know how great it was. :-)

I'm curious how it's gonna look on film, what with me standing in the light from those colored windows . . .
That's pretty damn awesome. Congrats!
Yeah, I'm stoked. Thanks!
Awesome! Congratulations, Matt. I saw the trailer some time ago and wondered if it would ever come out. Very cool shit, indeed!

Thanks, Jay!
Whoa! By appearing in the movie, you have instantly become an expert on George Lucas!
I'm available for all of your George Lucas consulting needs . . .
That's really cool! I'll keep my fingers crossed it makes it to Indianapolis. I'm betting you'll come across as cool and smart, though from having had to watch lots of myself on video as part of my singing/acting training, I don't think you ever completely get over that wince at seeing yourself on screen and thinking "Omigod do I really look/sound like that?!"
So that never gets any better, huh? Good to know.

Oh wow! Mr. Rotundo, may I have your autograph, please?

No, srsly, I'm so happy for you. Sounds like Montreal was a great networking con for you.

Not too bad, I guess. Thanks, Oz!

Oh, and the autograph will cost you $10. American. :-)
Congratulations. Now I'm certain that you'll hire folks to acquire cheese bread for you.

>>With any luck, it might even find its way to my neck of the woods.<<

Call FilmStreams and get them on it!
You're the second person who has recommended I talk to Film Streams. Who knows? Maybe they'll go for it.

Mmmm . . . cheese bread . . .
Dude! Rock on!
Thanks, Kelly!
Renaissance Man!
Well, maybe late Medieval . . .
Thanks! I'm excited.
Ha, that is awesome! Congrats!
Thanks, Erin!
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